Thursday, 9 March 2017

Brownies attend ‘Dream Big’ Engineering Week launch

Liffey Brownies, Celbridge, and Droichead Nua Brownies, Newbridge, were thrilled to attend the launch of Engineering Week. Here Leader Georgina Guy and Liffey Brownies, Edana and Megan, share their experience of the event:

The film ‘Dream Big’ was the starting event for Engineering Week. The short stories were about girls and why they pursued careers in engineering and science - the stories behind them and how they make a difference.  

One story was about a girl who lived through an earthquake with buildings falling down around her. She decided to study different types of ground and how to make buildings survive earthquakes by going down to bedrock.  

Another was a group of secondary students who built an underwater robot out of pipes and won the competition against MIT. Another secondary school built a solar car and raced it across Australia: they came last but crossed the finish line with an $800
solar car they built themselves.

The girls were amazed to discover that, by twisting a building, the wind current goes around the building, not pushing agent it. The girls loved the story about a man's wife who died crossing the river to get medicine. A woman engineer goes around Africa teaching the locals how to make suspension bridges; she said for every one bridge they teach, the knowledge is then brought to build ten more bridges. The bridge meant the community could go to school and the hospital without crossing the high river every day.

The girls came out saying how interesting the stories where, especially the one about the difference a bridge can make in a community .

The girls really enjoyed the day and would like to thank all the staff at Engineering Week.

~ Georgina Guy, Liffey Brownies Leader

On the trip we got to go on a train because it was in Dublin. In Dublin we went to see a movie but it wasn't just a movie, it was a movie about Engineering Week. It was called "Dream Big". It was great, it was also a lesson. We all enjoyed it very much. After it Margaret went to buy Georgina a cupcake for her birthday and we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’. It was a great day and so much fun. We got to come home on the train too. - Edana.

We started off by meeting Margaret and Georgina at the train station in Maynooth. Then we got on a train. We got the train to Dublin, then got off and onto the Luas, which brought us to the engineering event. The minute we got in we saw a ninja turtle in the corner. Then we went on the escalator and at the top the
Engineering Week girls greeted us with wristbands. There were lots of colouring sheets on different tables, they had science things on them about rockets and particles. There was face painting, there was a mad scientist doing some experiments making a balloon supper train racing them against one another. He showed us how to make a volcano with coke and menthos and the reaction that happens. Everyone that helped had to wear safety glasses and a white coat. When we went to the film we got popcorn, jellies and a drink. We watched the film ‘Dream Big’ and afterwards we got the Luas and train home. - Megan

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