Friday, 9 December 2016

Griffeen Valley's amazing adventures in London!

Griffeen Valley Senior Branch welcomed five new Senior Branch members this year and wanted to have an adventure when they made their Promise. So they raised funds, including a very successful table quiz, and planned a budget international trip to London.

The adventure started at 4am, getting ready for a 6.30am flight to Stansted. After checking into their hostel in Chelsea, they headed to Pax Lodge where they worked on the Pax Lodge Challenge. They then renewed their
Promise around the Pax Lodege flag.

On their way back to the hostel, they detoured via the West End for some dinner, a visit to the M&M shop and Chinatown.

On Day 2 the girls decided that the best way to see London and get to their selected locations was on a bus tour. The older girls chose five special locations for the unit to renew their Promise and to invest each one of the new girls. They included Trafalgar Square, Westminster (to the bells of Big Ben), on a Thames cruise at Tower
Bridge, at the Tower of London and, finally, Buckingham Palace, where all five new girls received their pins.

Despite the rain, they had lots of fun and met so many friendly, helpful Londoners, including soldiers selling poppies, policemen giving directions, Tube and railway workers helping them buy their tickets, and officers at Horse Guards parade who took time to fill them in on local history.

Day 3 included a visit to Girl Guiding UK's head office and shopping on Oxford Street and a visit to Covent Garden.

It was a weekend of great fun, visiting new places, welcoming new girls to the unit and working out the Underground system!

Can a girl have an amazing adventure? Yes, she can!

~ Griffeen Valley Senior Branchers

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