Sunday, 27 November 2016

We'll be carrying out 84,000 Good Turns this week!

Incredible, but true! 

IGG members will complete 84,000 Good Turns this week! WOW!!!

National Good Turn Week got off to a rousing start with over 1,100 girls and Leaders singing their hearts out today with a fab rendition of a #GoodTurns song at the IGG panto at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin.

Thanks to Chief Commissioner Helen Concannon, IGGNITE Camp Chief Jenny Gannon and 70 enthusiastic Senior Branchers for leading everyone with these words:

Do a Good Turn daily,
Pin your smile on bravely.
Keep your Promise truly
And have fun in IGG!

Wear your uniform neatly,
Live the Law completely,
Do a Good Turn daily,
And a Ladybird/Brownie/Girl Guide/Senior Branch/Leader be!

We were delighted that Newstalk presenter Sarah McInerney, a former Girl Guide and Senior Brancher in Barna, Co Galway, was able to join us for launch photos outside the Gaiety Theatre. She said she would be joining in National Good Turn Week by doing Good Turns and encouraged the wider
community to join in too.

“National Good Turn Week will be positive for individuals, families and communities,” she said. “By the end of the week all the Good Turns will have had a ripple effect, reaching people across the country.”

Girls and Leaders of all ages will be offering a helping hand to their families, friends, neighbours, school teachers, IGG Leaders ... everyone, in

That isn’t to say that IGG members don’t do Good Turns every day, anyway … Of course they do! That’s a promise we make when we join the organisation at whatever age. But this week we’re all going to go an extra bit further in helping out at home, at school, at work.

Girls who usually load the dishwasher each day will offer to do another household chore as well, like the vacuuming or ironing. Girls who feed their pet dog each day might (if they’re old enough) bring the dog for a walk (and clean up after it)! And so on …

Don’t forget to share your Good Turns with us on social media using the hashtag #GoodTurns!

~ Fiona Murdoch, 
IGG Communications Officer

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