Wednesday, 26 October 2016

'The knowledge I gained from doing badges & the experiences they gave me I will carry in my heart'

Well done, well done, very well done to the 68 Guides who received the Trail Blazer Award at our National Guide Award ceremony in Croke Park on 22 October 2016!

During the ceremony, Eimear Hehir from Limerick delivered this superb speech about her experience doing the Award -

Hi! My name is Eimear Hehir and I am a member of Blackberry Guides, Limerick, in the Mid-West Region.

Today I’m going to tell you a little about interest badges and the role they play in the Guide programme. An interest badge can be completed by a Guide on her own or with her Guide Unit. As part of the new Journey Programme we have to complete at least three interest badges a year.  During my four years as a Guide I completed over 12 interest badges and they helped me develop as a girl, as a Guide and as a better citizen of the world.

Some of the badges that really helped me grow as a person were the Team Player badge and the health promotion badges as they gave me a better understanding about working with others and looking after myself in body and mind.

When I was doing the First Aid badge, the Drug Awareness badge and the Road Safety badge I learned a lot about the dangers in the home and outside in the community and how I can help people and possibly prevent potential accidents.  The Girl Guide motto is “Be Prepared” and, after completing these badges, I felt a little bit more confident and prepared on how to react in an accident and what action I need to take should I encounter one.  

Badges like the Art and Craft are really fun to do, especially on a pack holiday weekend in Violet Hill, where we had lots of time to be creative and use our imagination. We also did the Camp holiday and the Campers Bronze at Regional camp in Mount Mellary this year, which I really enjoyed and it helped me prepare for IGGNITE 2017.  Of course everyone’s favourite is the Chocolate Badge where we learned all about Fairtrade and how chocolate is made, but we also tasted some very yummy chocolate! 

The Free Being Me badge is a badge that we completed to help promote positive body image and how important it is to be yourself and not to worry about how others see you, which is so important in today’s society. 

The interest badges I completed over my four years as a Guide look very pretty on my Guide bag but the knowledge I gained and the experience they brought to me I will carry in my heart.

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