Thursday, 29 September 2016

Barna Guides' trip to Switzerland: Last Day

Today was our very last day in Switzerland and, in my opinion, one of the best days, because we finally got to visit Our Chalet. 

After breakfast in the barn we headed back to Hari 3 to change and pack our bags for the trip home the next day. Then off we went to Our Chalet. 

Once we got there (in the pouring rain!), we attended our Pinning Ceremony, where we were presented with the Our Chalet Pin, and we sang the Our Chalet Song. 

We were then brought on a tour and given the history of the Chalet. We were allowed to wander around Our Chalet on our own for a while, which I thought was amazing, since it had been my dream to visit Our Chalet ever since I was a wee Guide. 

The staff were so lovely to talk to and very helpful, and I myself am planning on applying to volunteer there in a few years' time. After a good look around the chalet we headed back to Hari 3 to prepare for the trip home.

~ Aoife Colfer, Barna

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