Thursday, 29 September 2016

Barna Guides' trip to Switzerland Day 6: Scottish Girls!

We were up very early, around 6am, to get the bus to Berne. Everyone slept the whole way there. 

Once we arrived, we went to see the Bear Pit, which was really cool. Then we went on a mini-cultural tour of the city, where we followed a map to see some historical sites. 

After that, the girls had permission to go shopping for about an hour, and we went back to our chalet afterwards.

Earlier in the week, we were invited to another chalet to visit a group of Scottish Guides. We went to visit them after we got back from Berne. The lovely Jeka staff picked us up from our chalet, and we headed for the Scottish Guides' chalet. We arrived and we received such a wonderful warm welcome from a lovely group of 36 girls. We spent quite a while chatting and making friends. Swaps were swapped, snacks were had, and songs were sung. It was a great night, and everyone enjoyed it. 

After we got back to our own chalet, we packed up and headed for the little barn down the road to sleep in straw for the night! We thought it would be very rough, but it was actually very pleasant. We were supplied with pillows and blankets, and we played a few games and headed to sleep, anticipating the next day.

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