Thursday, 29 September 2016

Barna Guides' trip to Switzerland Day 3: Blue Lagoon

Today was the day we went to Kandastag - a bus journey and a half! 

After we arrived, we were greeted by more cable cars to travel up the mountain! 

After we made it to the top, we went tobogganing, which was quite the experience I must say! There was a whole process involved in this activity – each person was allowed five rides on the toboggan run, and each could go as fast or as slow as they liked. 

Sharon, one of our Leaders, described it really well when she said: “On the first trip, you’re nervous and crawling along; by the third time, you’re flying it, and by the fifth, you’re yelling OWWWW!” 

This was completely accurate as there were a few burns and, of course, I almost broke a finger! Well done to me!

But this wasn’t the end of our eventful day! After this, we walked to the Blue Lagoon, which was very close to the toboggan run. It was beautiful. 

We had lunch there, and then the girls decided to go for a paddle, which brought some lovely photo opportunities. And of course, after we came back down the mountain again, we headed back to Adelboden and once again the pool, which was an almost daily occurrence. The girls loved it!

That evening the girls had to come up with an activity for everyone, so they decided on a Spa Night and a Talent Show! It was such great craic - a complete success!

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