Thursday, 11 August 2016

10th August 2016 – Day 4 Chief's

With tired legs, heavy bags and a slight smile all the teams have now successfully made the halfway mark. Friday is fast approaching on the horizon and with it comes excitement, relief and a little disappointment that the journey is coming to an end. 

Today Amy and Sarah visited Skellig Pottery to complete their project on a local artist/craftsperson. They discussed their work with them and where they got their inspiration from.

Emer and Nicole completed their community service when they came across a community centre along their route to Waterville. They ended up washing a large van with a hose and washing up liquid. We think that the man in the centre was genuinely surprised when they took him up on his request to have the van washed having held out the hose and the bucket and fully expecting the girls to say "um actually thats ok!" They left in high spirits having completed one of the harder tasks and hit the road off to their campsite for the night with smiles on their faces. 

Two teams managed to find their way to the Skelligs Chocolate factory, where they worked on their food producers challenge. They were welcomed with smiles and curious questions about the chiefs, some of the factory workers took pity on them and gave them extra chocolate as part of the chocolate tasting. It makes you wonder whether the girls were there for the challenge or the chocolate. 

The two Lucan teams were reunited in Keel (also known as the Glen by the locals as we learnt after we got blank looks when asking for directions). The girls sat together over the trangia recounting their tales from their journey so far and comparing stories and adventures along the way. 

Meanwhile the two teams who were camped out in Ballinskelligs for the night were having a ball of a time, between the tea and watching the olympics after being taken pity on by a local they had a relaxed evening finished off by the stories of the transatlantic cable which of course they had to go out and see in person. 

Overall it was a successful day for all and the girls seem to be starting to get a real sense of accomplishment. While everybody climbed into their tents exhausted from the day the general atmosphere was positive and upbeat. I think everybody will have slept well through the night! 

Campsites Night 3

Team 1 - Emma Barry, Niamh Mcsweeney, Aishling O’Connor – Ballinskelligs
Team 2 - Sarah King, Cliona Woods, Erin McElwee – Keel
Team 3 – Emer Curtin, Nicole Moore – Waterville GAA
Team 4 – Ciara Dineen, Aislinn Porter – Ballinskelligs 
Team 5 – Amy Dunne, Sarah Connolly – Keel

Team 6 – Jennifer O’Neill, Ann Kavanagh – Portmagee

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