Thursday, 7 July 2016

Journey through London - Day 4

Wednesday morning started off like every other, with breakfast and a Flag Ceremony. After Flag we headed straight to the Tube station to begin our day! Our whole group, along with Maria and Hannah, went to the Tower of London. We split up, and decided to go visit the Crown Jewels along with four of our friends from California. They were really spectacular and we spent about an hour looking around in there. Next was the White Tower, where we climbed the 204 stairs to see the armoury and artwork of the British monarchs. We could have spent hours in the grounds but we had to rush off for our free afternoon.

After the Tower, we all split up into our Units. We chose to go to the Sea Life Aquarium for a calm afternoon after a fast-paced few days. Our
Leader went off for coffee and we spent a few hours wandering around the exhibits. We weren't sure what to expect from an aquarium right in the middle of London, but it was fantastic.
We saw sharks, exotic fish, crabs, sting rays and even penguins! We tuned into a couple of interesting talks from the staff and had great fun messing around with the green screen, where we were shown with polar bears and orcas!

We decided to stay out for dinner and headed to Chinatown, near Leicester Square. Some of the shops and restaurants were a little unusual with endless displays of Peking duck hanging in the windows, and we found a nice place to eat. After dinner we explored the area a bit more before heading back to Pax Lodge on the tube. It was much easier to travel as a group of three rather than a group of fifty! 

We hung out in the London Room to watch a movie with some of the girls from Western Washington. By now we had gotten to know all the girls and it was great to spend some free time with them. 

~ Clodagh Butler and Nia Daly, Kinsale, Co. Cork

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