Tuesday, 21 June 2016

15th European Guide and Scout Conference - Day 3

Today was all about looking forward to the future as we heard from WAGGGS CEO Anita Tiessen on the necessity for restructuring the organisational working methods of WAGGGS.
Throughout the day our delegation took part in workshops focussing on growth, diversity, gendered leadership, tailored support and more!Helen presented on IGG's work within the Northstar research project on growth that has been taking place over the past year. This work will feed into the wider work WAGGGS will undertake with other associations who also wish to increase their growth.
 The climax of today was the election of the new Europe Region Committee. Aisling Claffey had been selected to act as teller and boy was she kept busy! 
After the first round of voting their was a tie for the final spot on the Committee and a second round of voting between those two candidates took place. After that round of voting there was still a tie! Much discussion ensued and the candidates decided to put the vote to the member organisations again... throughout this entire procedure the remaining candidates, including CIGA nominee Yvonne Browne were nervously awaiting the outcome.
Finally there was white smoke, a decision had been made and the six new Europe Committee members were announced.
Unfortunately Yvonne was not elected on this occasion. It's a brave decision for anyone to put themselves forward for consideration, thanks Yvonne for stepping forward on our behalf!
The evening activities focused on a European Village party where each country set up a table with items to sell or gifts to buy. The atmosphere was buzzing and the Irish table was very popular. A campfire on the beach closed another busy conference day.

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