Thursday, 14 April 2016

Tullow Guides clock up 143km in North to South Pole Trek!

Tullow Guides completed a hike around the Spinc in Glendalough in order to log some kilometres for the North Pole to South Pole Trek challenge. 

Eight girls and three of us Leaders set off, decked out in our raingear for what was to be a tough old hike!

If we thought it was wet and windy by the Upper Lake, it was nothing compared to when we reached the summit of the Spinc!

The girls displayed great teamwork skills as they trekked along making sure to call out “step up, step down!” so that others behind knew what to expect ahead.

The most challenging part of the hike was when we had to go wading in newly-formed streams due to the heavy rain in order to get back onto dry trail. Lucky
we had all our waterproof gear!

We took a few snack breaks to re-energize and were fortunate enough to spot some wild goats.

Overall, we covered a distance of 13km which accumulated to 143km as a group. Hopefully that will put a dent in the 20,000km!

The girls and Leaders had a great time and we were all thankful to head home to hot showers!

~ Alice O'Hare, Tullow Guide Leader

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