Friday, 26 February 2016

Volunteer overseas and have an amazing experience you will never forget!

Have you ever considered travelling abroad? Maybe living abroad? Have you ever thought of furthering your involvement in International Guiding? Have you ever sought an opportunity of having an amazing experience you will never forget?

These were all questions I once said “Yes” to. Initially, that "Yes" remained in my head and was wishful thinking for a while. Then I decided to act. I filled out the Volunteer Application Form for Our Chalet and I sent it away excitedly. The only thing I was waiting for then was a positive response - a  "Yes" to accept me as a Summer Volunteer …. And they did!

I first visited Our Chalet as a Short Term Summer Volunteer for three months in 2013. Fortunately, I was able to use my time there as the practical experience that was part of my college course. This was ideal as I could
combine my college course with my love of Guiding.

Since that first summer at Our Chalet I have never looked back. I learned so much - the experience of living away from home, which for me was a first, the experience of working with an international team, the experience of a new culture and making new friends. You also develop skills and qualities that will help you in life.

Since my original visit in 2013, I have returned on numerous occasions fulfilling different roles. In January 2014 as Catering Coordinator, in June-July 2014 as a Short Term Catering Coordinator and in June-September 2015 as Guest Services’ Intern .Most recently I have visited Our Chalet in January 2016 as a guest.

Our Chalet gives people the opportunity for personal development in an amazing location. I have made many friends from all over the
world, had wonderful experiences and I have learned many new life-skills.  There is something in Our Chalet for everyone.

I would suggest that anyone thinking "Yes" in their head should go for it: fill in the form and make it a reality. One should consider first what season you would like to go, what role you would like and how long you would like to go for.

So, whether you are looking to travel to a winter wonderland and maybe facilitate a snow shoe hike and then in your free time learn to ski, or if you are looking to travel to a stunning summer postcard location where you are leading hikes up breath-taking mountain peaks and swimming in glacial lakes, I would encourage you to apply to Our Chalet. You will get the training, support and help to make it happen.

The Our Chalet Application Form is just a click away!

Aisling Claffey is a Leader with Carrigdhoun Guides and Ladybirds, a member of Carrigaline Senior Branch and a member of the IGG International Committee, Senior Branch Committee and Media Panel. She loves Our Chalet so much she brought her younger sister on a visit earlier this year!

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