Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Explorer Belt: 1st installment!

Arriving at Dublin airport the teams still had no idea where they would be going. Having been told to meet in Terminal 2 at 9am the teams scoured the departures information in an attempt to figure out their destination. However, the Explorer Belt was not about to give up its secret easily... the teams were actually departing from Terminal 1!

Once everyone had arrived the secret was revealed ... Germany was to be our base for the next two weeks.

The remainder of the day was spent travelling to the heart of our destination in the Thuringia Region of Germany. The teams spent their first night in Schwarzburg - their last night in a bed for the next 10 days.

Morning of Day 1 the nervous excitement began to build. Gear checks revealed well-prepared teams. After breakfast it was time to load up the cars and head for drop off points unknown!

Team A - Katherine Ryan and Jemma Lee - were dropped in Steinheid and are heading towards Kronach to complete their project on the Rosenberg Fortress, which they hope to reach by Day 3.

Team B - Emma Harvey and Grace Cronin - were dropped at the Feengrotten (Fairy Caves) near Saalfeld. They completed their project on the caves and are now heading for the Deutch Deutches Museum to complete their next compulsory project. They hope to reach here by Day 4.

Along the way both teams also have a number of optional projects to choose from. These projects will help bring them in contact with local people in the area.

Teams are checking in with staff each day and morale to date is high!

~ Lorna Finnegan, IGG International Commissioner

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