Thursday, 13 August 2015

Explorer Belt 4: Today is the day - THE END!

The girls have now completed 12 projects, walked a minimum of 180km, talked to a variety of people in Thuringia, and finished this part of the Explorer Belt challenge.

Although tired from the challenge, this morning meant the last few kilometres still had to be completed. They were, however, delighted to have an overcast morning which meant their journey was nice and cool. 

Once they arrived at their pick up points - Team A from the Paulinzella Monastery and Team B from the Bunker Museum- it was time for the last few words to be written in their logs and to have one last review of their projects, so that they were ready to hand everything over as soon as their lift arrived. 

Once collected, the teams are for Rieneck Castle where their dinner will be presented to them - a treat they're looking forward to.  Later this evening the assessment panels will read their logs and projects and prepare for the assessments, which will happen tonight and in the morning. 

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