Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Explorer Belt 3: The Final Stretch!

The teams finally met each other on Day 5 in Blankenstein - a small town where four of the German long-distance hiking trails intersect. The girls swapped stories and, even more importantly, tips for the trail ahead.

The last few days have really shown the human spirit at its best. Sometimes it's the simple things that make all the difference and the last few days have really proven that to the teams.

The offers of showers, a simple cup of tea, a bed for the night, sharing of stories and even the treat of having their clothes washed provided the boost that will push the teams on for the second half of their expedition.

Team A – Katherine and Jemma - are heading to the Fairy Grottoes just outside Saalfeld today to complete their last compulsory project.

Team B – Grace and Emma - have completed all their compulsory projects and are enjoying the hiking towards their final pick up point.

Having met both teams in the last 24 hours, they can hardly believe it's Day 8 already. With many miles behind them, the end is almost within sight!

~ Lorna Finnegan, IGG International Commissioner

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