Friday, 7 August 2015

Explorer Belt 2: Tears and Triumphs ...

The boot tree near Blankenstein
In the past 24 hours each team was reminded of the challenge that is the Explorer Belt.

We know everyone in Ireland is praying for sunshine but at 33/34 degrees the teams here are praying for rain, or at least a little cloud to cool them on their journey.

Maps of unfamiliar scale have put each team to the test, but as the event continues they are growing in confidence with every step.

Team A - Katherine and Jemma - have completed their project on Kronach and are now heading for the Deutsch Deutches Museum via Blankenstein. They have met many lovely locals along their way including a nice lady on a tractor who wanted to drop them to their destination last night.

Team B - Emma and Grace - were very grateful for the hospitality provided by locals in K├╝nsdorf yesterday. Today they visited the Deutsch Deutches Museum to learn about the former German division. Bear in mind that one of these girls wasn't  even born the year the Berlin wall came down!

Fingers crossed the teams will meet each other on the road tomorrow, possibly around Blankenstein. Here four of the main German hiking trails meet and walkers often leave their boots behind. We hope our teams keep their boots with them! It's hard to believe we are almost at the half way point already ... 
~ Lorna Finnegan, IGG International Commissioner

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