Thursday, 7 May 2015

Some of my best friends are Girl Guides – both nationally and internationally!

Hi! My name is Àine Foley and I’ve been an IGG member since the age of 10. I am a Leader of Newbridge Guides and a member of Newbridge Senior Branch. I have had many opportunities with IGG, such as trips to Switzerland and Paris and many camps around the country, and also an opportunity to work in Pax Lodge in London - one of the World Centres - at the young age of 16 for work experience for school. Most importantly, I’ve had the opportunity to make some of my best friends within Girl Guides - both nationally and internationally.

Áine Foley receiving her Chief Commisioner's Award from
Chief Commissioner Helen Concannon in the Burren in August 2015
I am currently a student studying travel and tourism management. For my work experience I completed a 30-day work placement, which was covered from September 2014 - April 2015 here in National Office. There were many areas where I was lucky enough to work, including reception and administration work, media and promotional work, and I even got the chance to book flights for members representing Irish Girl Guides in different countries. It’s safe to say that all went well on their trips, their airport experiences went well and they are now safely back home.

I was so happy to be welcomed with open arms to National Office; everyone was so welcoming. I had great fun over the past eight months and I feel like I have learnt loads from being in the office. I now feel like I am a fully-trained IGG member who has experienced everything from the behind-the-scenes work and the everyday work to the extremes on camps. 

I would just like to thank everyone in National Office, and especially in the General Office, where everyone had to listen to my musical Mondays. Katherine would agree it spread fast around the office! I’ve learnt a lot from being here and feel like my experience here has made me appreciate Irish Girl Guides more than ever.

~ Áine Foley, IGG Leader & Senior Brancher, Newbridge

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