Monday, 4 August 2014

Chief Commissioner’s Award – Gathering Day

4pm and we all gathered in the Lidl carpark in Oranmore.  After all the months of preparation and anticipation the time has finally come.  Still unsure of where we were headed we bundled into the cars and  headed on the road – driving through beautiful countryside to our final destination which for tonight is the Burren Outdoor Education Centre.

Our evening consisted of chats and reminders about the week ahead – managing the 2 big risks we face – roads and cliffs.  We must walk safely on the proper side of the road and remember not to lie over the edge of cliffs – it seems straightforward enough!! We then had our final pep talk – we’re all going to be grand!!! 

We had our bag check.... How many shorts do you really think you need? Do you think you should be  bringing that amount of hot chocolate?  All sensible questions and we did make some decisions that I’m sure we’ll be delighted about later in the week having had the rucksacks permanently on our backs.

Now it’s time to head to bed before tomorrow’s adventure begins for real.  We’ll be dropped off in the morning and have to head towards our first campsite.  Exciting times!!

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