Tuesday, 8 July 2014

From Pembroke Park to Papua New Guinea ...

IGG Chief Commissioner Helen Concannon
with Papua New Guinea delegates
Another busy day in Hong Kong with important discussions and decisions being made for the future of Guiding.

The highlight of today was when Emily David, the Chief Commissioner from Papua New Guinea, approached us to say how they love to receive the copies of our international edition of Trefoil News each year because they have so few resources and this provides new ideas and activities. She explained that they hadn't received this year's one as they had changed their address.

Emily told us how when the different regional leaders come in from the islands to national meetings they are given photocopies of Trefoil News, along with other resources, as many have no means of accessing such resources. These women have limited electricity and some have no internet access.

The idea that our resource is so useful to others around the world made us very proud. And what an inter-connected world we live in!

So as the deadline for submissions to TN looms each month, I will look differently as I now realise how a game, song, activity or idea we include in it may end up being used by girls in Papua New Guinea!

Well done to our TN editor and all who submit articles and contributions!

~ Helen Concannon (Chief Commissioner) and Lorna Finnegan (International Commissioner)

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